Terms and conditions


These Regulations shall specify the conditions under which you can book the accommodation on www.locativus.com. These Regulations are an integral part of the contract for renting an apartment. Anyone who make a reservation, at the same time accepts the decisions of the Regulations. Making reservation means placing an offer on entering into the apartment rental agreement. Entering into the agreement is made when the information about the reservation is displayed at the web site locativus.com


The reservation can be made by:

  • making Online Reservation at the locativus.com by filling out the Reservation Request Form;
  • calling our consultant at the telephone number +48 602 593 123. An valid phone number can be always found on the website locativus.com;
  • contacting our consultant using on-line communicator:
  • via websites cooperating with locative


1. 1. Online booking requires filling a form at locativus.com
2. Prices at the day of booking are binding. Any additional rebates are included in the price displayed in the form. In case of online payment, it is possible to obtain an additional discount displayed above the “pay online” button.
3. Bookings paid in full or in advance can be cancelled by changing arrival date to a different day, after consulting Locativus office. In case of cancellation within 14 days of arrival, a handling fee of 30% will be charged.
4. Rental price includes all taxes and additional fees, such as utilities, i.e. gas, electricity, water. The customer does not have to pay any additional fees, that are not displayed on given apartment’s website.
5. After the booking process is finished, an email is sent to the address given in the booking form, with all the important information concerning the apartment, as well as a link to the confirmation or cancellation if this booking. Unconfirmed booking is invalid.
6. In justified cases, Locativus may ask for an advanced payment as a form of booking confirmation.
7. In case of technical difficulties, Locativus may offer an alternative apartment.


1. The number of people residing in the apartment is limited to the number entered during booking process. Should the number of people exceed the number entered in the booking form, Locativus may demand an additional fee, and should this number exceed the allowed number of people – refuse to give customers the keys.
2. The customer shall respect the rules of good neighbourhood, as well as keep the apartment in its original state. The customer shall inform Locativus of any damages or losses noticed in the accommodation, as well as report any damage done by them or by persons, for whom they bear legal responsibility or pets under their care. All costs of such damage will be borne by the client, in a form specified by Locativus.
3. The customer shall pay special attention to proper operation of water valves and electrical appliances. Due to fire safety considerations, the customer cannot use any electrical devices that are not part of given apartment’s equipment, except for: computers, shavers, hairdryers.
4. The hotel may refuse to accept a guest, who grossly infringed these regulations and did damage to the apartment on their previous stay.


1. A booking can be cancelled by clicking a link sent during the booking process or by phone – Cancellation confirmation will be sent by e-mail.
2. In case of cancellation at least 7 days before planned arrival, no additional charges are added.
3. In case of cancellation in less than 48 hours before the book Locativus may charge the customer the amount of rent first day..
4. Reservations paid online with a special discount will not be returned..

5. Any changes to your booking should be consulted by phone or e-mail.


1. The customer should arrive as stated on the website.
2. Check-in is at 2 PM, checkout at 11 AM the next day.
3. In case of an inability to arrive at specified time, the customer should inform Locativus by phone immediately.
4. Payment is made in advance (unless an online payment has been made), in cash or by credit card.
5. Locativus in exceptional circumstances, reserves the right to inform the Guest the need to pay the total amount within the time limit for reservation made, otherwise has the right to cancel the reservation.
6. All formalities make representative locative in the booked apartment.

7. Locative does not agree to organize in their apartments social events,etc. The occurrence of the above-mentioned circumstances results in breaking the agreement with immediate effect, without reimbursement of the cost of hiring and may be submitted to the devastation and loss account.
8. Locativus reserves the right to charge a deposit on Fridays and Saturdays in the amount of 300 zł per apartment up to 4 people; 500 zł when the apartment resident from 5 to 10 people. Locativus reserves the right to charge a deposit on other days of the week.
9. On the day of departure apartment requires cleanup, washing dishes and removing garbage. You can opt out of this requirement for an additional fee 50 PLN.

10. Charge for lost keys 250 zł.


1. In the apartment the child up to 5 years old can stay free of charge, if the child sleeps with an adult or on his own bed when no extra bedding needed. Each tutor can bring only one child whose stay is free of charge. In case when the number of the entitled children for staying free of charge exceeds the number of tutors their stay will be automatically counted as a paid stay.

NOTE: The children staying free of charge shall not be counted to the total number of persons for which the booking is being made. It is obligatory to state the number of children whose stay is treated as free of charge in the booking form in the section “Notes”. By giving the number of the children their age should also be stated.


1. At any time the client may transfer to another person all the rights obtained while making reservation, if at the same time the person accept all of the responsibilities that come from the booking. In such situation the change of the person making reservation should be immediately reported to the Locativus giving the personal data (first and last name, contact phone number, e-mail) of the person to whom the rights and obligations are transferred.


1. In case of occurrence of circumstances impossible to predict the effects of which cannot be immediately eliminated by conventional means, the owner reserves the right to propose the client a replacing apartment which is similar to the originally booked. The owner has the right to breach the agreement when these circumstances are at the nature of force majeur. This also applies to cases in which the personal safety of the client and his/hers properties cannot be guaranteed for reasons beyond the control of the owner.

2. The amounts paid by the client shall be immediately refunded, minus the amounts owed for services already served.


1. The copyright terms of the materials provided on this website belong to our business partners or to us.

2. Downloading the information from our web site is permitted only for the personal use.


1. In case of occurrence of any irregularities, the client has the right to file a claim within the period of 14 days of their occurrence. Claims, complaints and any other claims must be sent on the following e-mail address: home@locativus.com.

2. The owner is entitled to investigate the claim within 14 days from receiving it. The client will be immediately notified, about all of the decisions.


1. When booking on our web site locativus.com the client hereby give consent for the placement of his/her personal data in the data base of the owner that is responsible for the booking process. The data will be processed only for the purposes of making reservation, simplifying the process of making additional reservations and for marketing purposes in accordance with the Act on the protection of personal data of the 29th of August 1997.

2. The client is eligible to review and update his/her personal data.


1. The law applicable to disputes between the owner and the client is the Polish law. The disputes

2. Locativus is a trademark owned by Archnet Sp. z o. o. entered into the National Court Register by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków number KRS 0000413024.